Tuesday, 27 November 2012

way finding

Really lovely branding of Cardinal Cafe, using a vector of a Cardinal bird to add  vibrancy. This branding applies just to this shop, not the Whole of Cardinal Shopping Place. Graphics are were applied using vinyl, which is easily updatable, allowing for the birds to ‘move’ around the area over time. I am defiantly proposing to use vinyl for Leeds Market.

A great use of blank tiles. This is at Campo Santo (Labyrinth) in Germany. I'm not going to use a bright colours or type in this way, but Leeds Market has old flags that could be decorated and painted. 

http://graphicambient.com/2012/06/14/17th-biennale-of-sydney-australia/ (i just like this)


This is not the style I want, or can use (because I have already created my icons), but I really like the style. This example made me think that to get the community involved and to add a bit of involvement within the Market I could propose vinyl sticks of the icons that are use don the floor, but they are only white with thin black lines> They could be coloured in by anyone visitor. Maybe this could create a event celebrating the market, and launching the rebrand.


A great use of Stone and looks brilliant. I like the application of the brand and the cause, a non profit Children’s hospital in Arequipa, Peru. The painted icons in the room look brilliant. There isn't enough wall space in the Leeds Market, so this wouldn't be able to work well, I think it looks best on large plain white walls.

http://graphicambient.com/2012/05/04/one-song-mural-usa/ (again i just love this use of type)

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