Thursday, 18 October 2012

18th Oct crit feedback: Comedy Carpet Blackpool

comedy carpet
Referring to the work of more than 1,000 comedians and comedy writers, the carpet gives visual form to jokes, songs and catchphrases dating from the early days of variety to the present. Sited in front of Blackpool Tower, the 2,200m2work of art contains over 160,000 granite letters embedded into concrete, pushing the boundaries of public art and typography to their limits.
Bolton born and bred: it seems weird that I have never heard of this before. Next time I go I will defiantly insist on having a gander. My grandparents go all the time so I bet they've seen it, I'm going to ask what they think about it, especially from a older perspective and they would have been around first hand when all of these famous comedians where around.

A remarkable homage to those who have made the nation laugh, it’s also a stage for popular entertainment that celebrates entertainment itself.

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