Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Taxidermy publication inspiration


Design and editorial proposal of a full collection of a contemporary cultural magazine.
Dale! Has the Intention of being an honest magazine, a thought magazine that makes you think.

A personal project comprising a collection of things that have influenced me as a designer over the past year, including design, photographs, textures, art, quotes and extracts from books.

The Narrator specimen displays the characteristics and technical aspects of the Narrator typeface. Printed on regular pastel letter-sized paper, the specimen is made to reflect the simple and robust nature of the font.

I love the binding!

Lura is a newspaper sized Trimestral Publication that focuses on educational events for children, visitors of the Centro Cultural Vila Flor, GuimarĂ£es. 

The AF Bulletin
A series of bulletins for The Architecture Foundation. Concertina, 8 pages.

Thesis about the semantics 
and pragmatics of the lost punctuation marks – which have been invented and designed to help clarifying a writer’s intention (e.g. irony) but disappeared in today’s written language.
'Printed in – The spontaneous appearance of similar opinions’ is a magazine, which intends to bring blogs and printed media together and shows that these two medias can be combined. Both of them has some qualities to exploit. In different chapters, instead of posted in called printed in, the magazine shows how blog articles can be designed on paper and in a professional way.
Kaleidoscope Supplements are a new series of monographic publications devoted to the work of international artists. The supplement is distributed worldwide enclosed to the magazine Kaleidoscope from Milan. This first issue is about the french artist Georges 
Tony Stoll.
Design and layout for the 4/08 issue of Arttu, the University of Art and Design Helsinki’s quarterly magazine. Open sources and shared information were the leading themes of the issue, and were also used as an approach from a design perspective, showcasing the table of contents first thing on the cover. In collaboration with Mikko Luotonen.
Typefaces Used: Knockout, Monaco, Sentinel
Process journal
Type manuals

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