Saturday, 22 December 2012

Native Americans

Sam Lane - LCA
Native American Branding
Sam's in 2nd year now. I did a Native American Screen-print project to sell my design at a Pop Up Shop, and I think I should use the research I found to create a editorial version. I defiantly want to design a better  Native American  Typeface that could be used for prints to be sold and used on T-shirts similar to the application of Fonecian-Typeface: Rosalind. I never realised this was from another LCA student since someone tole me. Maybe creating icons influenced by my zine, a typeface inspired by Native American Patterns and use it as a brief to develop type making skills. I could sell my font and use it to make products that can also be sold.

Sam's work isn't that relevant it just sparked the idea that I could take my interest in Native Americans further.

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