Saturday, 22 December 2012

Fashion Editorial

Thinking about doing the Fashion Branding, so I'm doing some research into fashion design, branding and art direction.
Roanne Adams from Ro & Co
A really great use of colour. The Candela's SS12 campaign got inspiration from tropical foliage, bright textiles, and afro-beat music of the 70's. 

Timo Weland Fall
The invitation was tied with a bow to give invitees a sneak peek into the fashion show's set design involving thousands of yards of draped ribbon. The lookbook showcased Weiland's collection photographed at the show.

Loricks Fall 09 collection was inspired by the dark drama of the French New Wave, specifically Fran├žois Truffauts The Bride Wore Black. We had the pleasure of art directing photographer Tom Hines to create the filmic qualities in the photos. We used narrative devices like suspense, the tension of a love triangle, and absurd Hitchcockian death scenes. Thankfully the weather complied, supplying us with appropriately stormy, sinister skies.

Lorick Spring 09

  • For Loricks big debut into the fashion world, we created a multidisciplinary installation during New Yorks Spring 09 Fashion Week. Deconstructing the idea of keeping up appearances, we juxtaposed Loricks signature clean silhouettes with scenes of chaos and destructionresulting in a striking world inspired by the recession of the late 80s, Virginia Woolfs book, A Room of Ones Own, as well as cinema classics like War of the Roses. Under the hot gaze of immense theatrical lights within a breathtaking loft space in midtown Manhattan, the collection was presented as seven living scenes featuring sophisticated Lorick Ladies engaged in various compelling environments.

    Emphase Sarl - Switzerland
    and another brief

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