Saturday, 22 December 2012

Art Direction: Film

Since the Can Brief I have realise that I love filming and editing and I find it quite easy. I defiantly want to do it again! 

Roanne Adams from Ro & Co
The Honor Fall '11 film, directed by Todd Cole, explores the idea of finding beauty in the banalities of everyday life. The film captures a dream-like episode of a girl escaping her mundane reality, and roaming beautiful desert landscapes as a "warrior princess". 
(to watch the video follow the link)

It is so good to see video used in Fashion to deliver a concept and sell clothing instead of just photography. The filming is great, just soothing music, no dialogue and a high end fashion catwalk fell to it. I love the landscape and set within this filming. I wish I lived in canada and could climb mountains and film on Glacias, unfortunately I cannot. This film is in a vintage old style and i love it. A very great way to show of a new fashion collection. I my opinion it is so much better to see how the cloths move on a model and the fact of using video shows the brands diversity.

Just funny and brilliant... nothing to do with Graphic Design.

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