Sunday, 7 October 2012

Type factory possible branding styles.

Chinese exhibition

Design and composition exhibition

'I need to tell you something'

A glance at visual storytelling.

Made in Holland.

Modern Art Museum
Fine Arts School Hangzhou Normal University, China.

Good strong visual identity, using the concept of mixing two languages. Chinese with English to translate the meaning of the event, joining English design with a Chinese culture. I have always been a fan of pastel colours.

magpie studio
A beautiful set of posters and booklet from Magpie Studios in London. I really great concept of impossibility. I know I defiantly want to create a strong set of visuals for this event branding.

Without a doubt my favourite Australian designer. Beautiful work and brilliant layout. I was thinking that maybe the branding from this project could be subtle and quite. Meanwhile the layout and format could be loud and out-landish. Defiantly if I am ever in Australia I would love to visit!

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