Monday, 15 October 2012

The Leeds brand

live it love it branding
Marketing Leeds, a public- private partnership, needed to raise the profile of the city of Leeds. The city had low recognition nationally and internationally despite over two decades of economic growth and residents being happy with their quality of life. To make matters worse, business sectors were promoting Leeds without co-ordination or unity, which was leading to a diluted external image.

My opinion
The idea is to create a brand that everyone can use and is free so only one brand is used to stop confusion.
Despite the branding in my opinion being boring and a band choice of colour, and possibly not looking at Leeds, city and outskirts. This is certainly not a brand I would associate with Leeds, more like a corporate business. 

The idea of creating a brand that is free for residents and businesses to adopt is a good idea and something that would work brilliantly for Leeds market. 
I will brand Leeds Market place with the past in mind, focusing a family audience of present, using friendly colours naturally associated with markets and Leeds.

Leeds gov

Looking at the government website it see how they brand themselves. They do not obviously have a recognisable brand, they use the city of Leeds logo. I will not research the 

I find it really interesting to see where the logo came from and why it is still used. I think this approach is far better than the live it love it leeds campaign. With this you know it is olden and appreciate that. 

I would like to use the branding as a celebration of old, but appeal it to families in Leeds now.

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