Monday, 8 October 2012

Ben Sharp

Ben is one of Dan's friends, he worked with him on a optional module called teaching in the community where they did a seven week teaching plan for disadvantaged children in a school close to uni. In this project they both got a !st. Within this they had to plan every lesson, and document that, whilst every week having a hour with a class to each them the basics of drumming. At the end of the seven weeks they had to pro form with the children.

Screen shots of his website:

Comparing Ben's Star now with Dan's: Ben has 1189 profile views and Dan has 138. I just feel overall Ben's is down to earth, but most noticeably has a lot of good content. He has a lot of good photographs that show him playing in numerous places and has confidence in his own abilities. Next time I meet with Dan I want to update his Starnow, this is the first step to improving is online profile. First impressions count for a lot especially when there are not a lot of jobs and a lot of people after the same thing.

Ben was on the Popular Music degree too. So I thought it would be a good idea to see what he was going, in the world of professional drumming. Every weekend he tours the country with a Blondie tribute band, and wants to teach drums during the week. There are some links to his youtube video's below.

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