Saturday, 22 December 2012

Non Design

Non design is a trend that has been increasingly popular over recent years. It's simple design that appears to be created on word. Very Simple, very plain.

Musa Work Lab - Portugal
F U N Z I N E - Nº. 2 Summer Melancholy
Normally I'm not a massive fan, but this is very 'cool' being the operative word. Defiantly colours that are associated with the trend. i love it.
more work...
and more...
Most of Musa Work Lab design is not this design trend. they have about 100 projects and I found only 4 that could be applied to this trend.

Forma & Co - Spain
Can Felipa, located in the Poble Nou district of Barcelona, ​​is a public facility of the City Council. It is a community center with a multidisciplinary cultural project and open to creators, neighbors, organizations and groups in the city who want to contribute, participate or propose ideas. A project that takes special interest in emerging artistic production, especially in the visual and performing arts.
Our task was to create the graphic identity. We worked from what makes this space very differential: its architectural uniqueness, totally atypical in the neighborhood where it is located. The project was conducted in collaboration with Aleix Artigal.

Erre Galvez - Spain
Graphic for Shapes Pass exhibition. Flyer, invitation card and 21 posters signed.

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