Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Type Foundaries


Colophon is an independent type foundry set up by Brighton based design studio, The Entente
(Anthony Sheret & Edd Harrington). 
As well as distributing and acting as a platform for fonts designed by The Entente, it selects fonts designed by other designers to distribute and create products for.
Colophon also offers a selection of specimen books and a range of miscellaneous products. These are all produced in a limited edition.

A website where many different fonts are all brought in together. You can experiment with every typeface before you buy. The typefaces also link directly to the designers websites, it's nice to see some other work by the font creators.

What is Ten Dollar Fonts?  
We are a group of young designer from around the world selling our fonts to the masses for an accessible price of $10*. Can I sell my font on Ten Dollar Fonts?  
Sure can! Send us an email and we can talk about it.
Can I use a font for my own projects?  
Yes you can but If you plan to make money or do some type of advertising or promotion using one of the fonts you must purchase the commercial version.

Where does the name "Village" come from?
We just liked the idea that we could get together some talented friends under a kind of co-op, a strong group with strong individual voices. That despite being scattered around the world, we could band together for the benefit of the group, sharing knowledge and expertise.
Are all Village designers American?
No. Our members and designers hail from… (present members only)
Canada: Patrick Giasson, Chester Jenkins
China: Keith Chi-hang Tam
Finland: Sami Kortemäki
Germany: Akiem Helmling, Karsten Lücke
The Netherlands: Bas Jacobs
New Zealand: Kris Sowersby
Norway: Magnus Rakeng
Portugal: Hugo d’Alte, Mário Feliciano
Spain: Jordi Embodas
Switzerland: Sibylle Hagmann
and the United States: Tal Leming, Greg Lindy, Jeremy Mickel, Christian Schwartz

In the Netherlands, based in Amsterdam. ARS Type specialises in developing custom type solutions for a variety of applications.

Is a design studio that has set up a type foundry of the fonts they produce for projects. Based in Switzerland, they seem to be ones to watch out for.

Is created by two type designers, who used to work on graphic design briefs.

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